A colliding of 2 galaxies formed a unique alien loking face

The galaxies in our Universe grow and develop through colliding. When they crash into each other, the galaxies are curving and changing, thus when the gravitational effect starts, a new star formation and charge super-massive black holes. The whole process could bind participating sides into a new, bigger galaxy, which could look different compared to the parts that it was made of. Most collisions are not direct, but arp-Madore 2026-424 did not get the note.

In June the space telescope “Hubble” made a picture of the visible light on this space clash in process. The collision curved the galaxies and formed an interesting alien-looking face. The central regions or the bolded parts of the participating galaxies are glowing bright like a pair of supernatural eyes. They look identical thus the galaxies look almost the same in size. Gas, dust, and stars in the hands of the galaxies, which were pulled from the gravitational effects, now formed a huge, bluish ring structure, that serves as a head and nose. The ring structure, don’t last long, if we look at it from a space point of view, only around 100 million years. This, moment’s picture of Hubble captures this unique and rare moment in time, with the speed of the merging the face will curve till unrecognition. After One or two billion years the two galaxies will merge into a completely new galaxy.

Sometimes it is called galactic cannibalism in which a certain galaxy obtain local solar systems and even galaxies and consuming them, to expand its mass and reach. The Milky way was also once a galactic cannibal

While the collision in the galaxies is something that happens often in the universe, straight collisions like those are rare especially in such a cruel manner like these types of collisions created a specific form on the right. “The galaxies should collide only with the right orientation, in order to create the ring”, claiming workers from NASA. “The catastrophe pulled the stretched out the discs of the Gas, Dust, and stars of the galaxies. This action forms a ring of an intense star formation, which shapes the nose and the face.

Questions to test your newly obtained knowledge:

1.What telescope captured this magnificent image?

2.How do the galaxies develop further?

3.What is galactic cannibalism?

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